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Reporting & Analytics

We bring the best formula to a successful campaign and measure its impact


With our SEO Ranking Report will certainly help you in making smart marketing options. Practical information exists in easy-to-understand, customized layouts so you could see trends as well as make contrasts at a glance.


You’re not really marketing if you’re not measuring and analyzing. We’ll help you establish a Google Analytics Reporting to get well-reviewed choices about your marketing networks, your website with its content, as well as the product or services that you provide.

Call Tracking & Call

Improve your marketing strategy with our advanced call tracking service. When a site visitor engages to your website following an online search, we designate unique phone tracking number to selected pages. You will know from which page they landed on with unique phone tracking number to that page when they call.

Heatmap Tracking
& Analytics

Envision where your site visitors clicks. Through Authority Solutions® Website Heat Map reports you will have an understanding of exactly how your site visitors browse your webpages, this will enable you to pick the most effective areas of your website to position your call to action phrases or button.

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Every day the Internet and technology are evolving in some way, shape or form and as they keep evolving, so should businesses, products, and services. Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. When thinking about expanding, marketing or branding, the importance of SEO, having it and doing it correctly, cannot be overlooked. It is not just important for information and products to be easily found; it is equally essential for it to be easily understood. Authority Solutions®, the best SEO Services Agency, helps you to control your digital presence, be found AND understood.

Listed as one of the best search engine optimization services companies, Authority Solutions® is a team of SEO professionals who have experience keeping up with the ever-changing trends and science involved in maintaining a high digital presence. Marketing services consist of much more than flyers and ads on Facebook; SEO services put companies and businesses in the best position to keep and maintain an influx of customers coming to your business. It could be a challenge trying to run a business and manage the necessary behind-the-scenes aspects of marketing such as managing algorithms to make and maintain the level of search results success that a brilliant company deserves.