Insurance…or Not

Do you find trying to keep track of all of the insurance terms and changes somewhat confusing? If so, you’re like most people who don’t fully understand their insurance benefits. One of our practice goals is to help you understand your insurance better. As part of your visit, we will be happy to help you by explaining your benefits and some of the many confusing terms that affect how much you end up paying. We promise to focus on clarity and simplicity for you.

We accept all insurances. We are in-network in some and out-of-network in many others. We have no hidden surprises or tricky practices in our billing. Don’t let your uncertainty or fear of the insurance “unknown” keep you from experiencing our quality care. We will help you understand all of our costs, if there are any, that may be involved with your care before you make any treatment decisions.

There is a misconception that going to an “in-network” doctor, that your insurance directs you to, will somehow automatically cost you less. We have seen numerous times where this simply isn’t the case. Call for your appointment to start the process to get great medical care as a patient in addition to great quality and service as a consumer.